Banking Up Your Mindset: The Other Part of the “The Secret” to Getting Money

Posted On : 22nd July 2022

Getting Rich Thoughts: The Problem with “Secret” to Getting Rich


If you are a fan of books like “The Secret”, you may be wondering why it’s so hard to manifest money with your thoughts.


After all, most people assume that the “secret” is about thoughts, right?


Well, partly……


Manifesting money in your life is about having the right thoughts, but it doesn’t work as you would expect.


Making more money starts with thinking about money in a new way. The problem is, most people focus on what they want when it comes to money, not what they will do.


 As a result, they don’t change how they work. They change what they desire.


This doesn’t add up because we know that desiring something without putting in the work leads to unrealistic fantasy. Instead of creating a path to a million dollars, we buy a $1 lotto ticket and hope we get the winning ticket.


While there is nothing wrong with buying lotto tickets, there is a problem in believing that you only need a winning ticket to fix your money problems.

The Curse of Quick Money: Why Lotto Winners Don’t Always Win

Don’t believe me? Check the stats on the success rates of most lottery winners within the first 5 years


As you can see, the problem with desiring money isn’t always the “money” part. It’s the “what kind of person will you be when you get money” part. It’s the thoughts and behavior that determine what will happen to your money once you receive it. In short, you need to be the person that knows how to build wealth, rather than just receive money.


We’re all born knowing how to receive money. Just open your hand. On the other hand, people with money know how to receive and build more money through their talents and skills. This way, you can manage your money, even if face an unexpected crisis, as these billionaires did.


This principle of putting in the work, plus having the right mindset is the key to creating wealth that lasts.


Need Money? Change Your Stories First

You might be saying, “I get it. I can’t get money just by wishing it...but what do I do?”


The first thing (which most people tend to skip) is to change your stories about money.

We all have ideas about money:

     You have to work hard for your money

     If I don’t work, I’m going to lose my house

     The rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer


Whether these ideas are true or not is not the point. What is the point is the stories you tell yourself about those ideas.


For example, if you believe that “the rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer”, you might ignore financial advice because you’re not one of the rich people. Similarly, if you believe that you are one of the “rich”, you might ignore financial advice as well, because you’re one of the rich people.


Both situations aren’t good.


That is the epiphany podcast guest Violette de Ayala had that transformed her view about money. By changing her story from “I’ll never get money. This is all I will ever get in life” to “This is a way I can earn more money”, Violette began to change her story. By changing her story, Violette changed how she acted.


Getting Money: It’s All a Story

By changing how she acted, Violette began the process of changing her life. She began to learn from a new group of people. She changed the way she acted with money. She changed everything, little by little...and she started to earn more money, and build wealth for her struggling family.


That is how you build a wealth that lasts. This is how you build a wealth that can build and rebuild, no matter what comes your way.