3 Things You Should Never Say When You Hit Rock Bottom

Posted On : 22nd July 2022

If you think about it, we face obstacles all day. A slow driver in traffic, an email that says you need to meet with the boss RIGHT NOW, or your favorite type of cheese out of stock at your favorite grocery store.

Yet, somehow, we overcome these obstacles.

We might curse the slow driver out, but we still move slowly toward our destination.We might say another curse word when we get that “come to the office” email, but we drag ourselves to the office and handle it. We might complain about our favorite cheese being out of stock on social media, but we eventually find something to eat.

Then, there are obstacles that knock the spirit out of you: a divorce, loss of a job, financial setback, breakup, or a death. Whatever it is, you are totally unprepared to deal with the situation like you do with everyday obstacles.

You’ve hit rock bottom.

There are plenty of articles and advice for people who have hit rock bottom. This advice will tell you to focus on your health and relationships

That’s good advice. It’s the right advice.

But, this post focuses on something different. This post focuses on what you shouldn’t keep repeating to yourself while you’re climbing out from rock bottom


  1. It won’t get better than this moment. Hitting rock bottom might feel like a situation that you never ends. The truth is, every moment changes. The problem is, our brains are so focused on the problems that it cannot understand a simple truth: Everything is changing. The key to realizing this truth, even when you’re in rock bottom is taking one step based on this belief. By acting on one one positive thought, you have the power to change your world.


  1. No one understands. Another painful belief when you hit rock bottom is the feeling the feeling that no one understands you. Not being understood hurts because it ties into the belief that “it won’t get better”. In reality, almost every situation you face has been faced by someone else, now or in the past. That is why finding stories of people who have gone through the same adversity (or a similar one) is so important. By learning the practical steps and mentality of someone else who has gone through adversity, you can find someone who understands.


  1. No one cares. When we assume no one cares, everything hurts even more. In this situation, our brains believe that people only care for if we act a certain way, have a certain title, or have certain things. In some cases this is true. Some people only care because of what we can do for them. But, in our close relationships (our close friends, our partners, etc.), this is not true. The care of a friend or a spouse should not depend on anything for them to care.


Breaking up with these beliefs (“No one cares. No one understands. It won’t get better.”) is the key to taking a step out from under rock bottom. You can’t think yourself out of rock bottom, but you will never get from the bottom, if you don’t start planning your steps to the top.