Ep.9 - Fighting For Your Dream with Ryan S. Harvey

Posted On : 1st September 2022

This week I sat down with my old friend and peer Ryan S. Harvey

At the young age of 33, this life-long entrepreneur, finds time to juggle being a full-time educator at the Ombudsman Alternative School, doting single-father, am extremely powerful motivational speaker and brand ambassador for the global personal growth company Volo. With his tireless work-ethic, persistence and willingness to be faith-led and purpose driven, it’s no wonder that doors are opening for this young man in about every area of his life.

Today Ryan and I sit down to discuss his transition from fatherless to fatherhood, the opportunities he found in pain as well as personal growth, accountability; how his persistence and dedication led him to the transformation of a lifetime and how he finally actualized the potential to be a leader and found positive ways to use that leadership.

If you’ve ever wondered about the value of men mentoring and pouring into the next generation, how others go about committing to a dream being their present circumstances and actualizing your potential — You’ll really enjoy our conversation.

Main Topics:

This week we discussed everything from the challenges of growing up without immediate male-role models, the importance of inheriting a legacy of respect, discovering your inner courage and how to transform pain into opportunity instead of transmitting it to those around you.

Episode Links:

This Is Volvo website + YouTube Channel

Ombudsman Alternative School website

Ryan’s LinkedIn + Instagram + Facebook

The Millennial Takeover Book by Kenneth Cheadle

Ryan and I hope you enjoy this week’s show.

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