Ep.10 - Think Peace with Frank Garrs

Posted On : 1st September 2022

Thanks to my previous guest Crystal Chisholm I was able to sit down with Bishop Frank Garris. As the Senior Pastor and Founder of Heart of God Cathedral in New Jersey, Bishop Garris has served his community in a professional capacity as a mental health advocate for over 17 years. His unique insight about the challenges we as people of color face when addressing mental- wellness and ability to deliver this that information in a digestible way made this conversation educational and enjoyable to have.

We discussed how Mr. Garris got into the field of mental health, some of my challenges with my journey to mental-wellness, the problem with prayer as treatment and a host of other stories, questions and anecdotes that will help you if you’re looking to help someone who may be suffering with undiagnosed mental illness, or need help yourself.

If you know someone who suffers from undiagnosed mental illness, are struggling to come to terms with your own emotional & mental demons or want to discover how you can aid someone in getting the help they need in ways that don’t deprive them of the power of choice, this is definitely your episode.

Main Topics:

This week we discussed hurdles people of color experience when confronting mental healthcare, the dilemmas that make us more likely to suffer from mental health issues within our own communities such as an early exposure to violence as well as societal issues such as financial & educational exclusion and food deserts.

Additionally, we talked about the dangers of unaddressed mental illness, over- diagnosis in our schools, the 5 stages of change, advocating for those who are battling mental illness and finding therapists or counselors, with the culturally competence to understand your unique challenges as a person of color.

Episode Links:

The U.S. Department of Mental Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health website.

Statistics on African Americans and Mental Health Study

The best Psychiatric Hospitals in the United States [Us News Study


Bishop Garris Contact Info:

We hope you enjoyed this week’s show, and found encouragement in my testimony or enlightenment In Mr. Garris’ wisdom.

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