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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”.

– Alice Walker


You know that something has to change, my role is to help you discover what that change is and hold you accountable as you enact it. Through creative collaboration and strategic planning, together we design a plan to maximize your impact in your career and life.


We dig deep into your ambitions, skills, and hopes to create an ideal vision to work toward.


We create an extensive inventory of the resources, networks, and opportunities available to you. These will unearth new perspectives and potential pathways to get you where you will truly thrive.


We write a step-by-step game plan for success. This roadmap will guide you toward your goals and build accountability into the process.


You put the game plan into action. Along the way, we will continue to collaborate to overcome roadblocks, celebrate milestones, and keep you motivated.


You will achieve the goal you set. Now your next big achievement is right around the corner.

What clients are saying:


“Ken Cheadle is more than a coach, he is an inspiration, a listener, a friend. Ken shared his story and his obstacles that led him to where he is today. This made me feel comfortable as I could open to him and develop a trusting relationship. Ken listened as I spoke about my dreams and aspirations. Listened with respect and interest. With Ken as my coach I was able to Achieve my goals and transition into my new career as a nurse with ease and confidence. Ken Cheadle is a GREAT Life Coach and I am now honored to call Ken Cheadle my friend.”
-Nicole Soule

“Kenneth is as inspiring as his story is amazing. He is the living embodiment of the principles that he teaches. Whereas many employ a “practice what you preach” mentality which they themselves struggle to live up to, Kenneth does just the opposite, he preaches what he practices! The results are really quite impressive. He’s able to show clients how to effectively make professional and life transitions because he’s done it successfully himself. And more than once. From being a soldier serving our country in Hurricane Katrina and Oversea’s to zigzagging across America as a corporate consultant training doctors on the latest advances in medical software to becoming a first-time entrepreneur sharing his story and showing others the way, Kenneth definitely understands transitions. If you’re feeling lost in life or stagnant in your career, look no further, help has arrived. His name is Kenneth Cheadle and he’s a remarkable strategic transition coach.”
-D. Rashaan Gilmore, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Radio Host



“My time with Coach Ken Cheadle has proven to be very beneficial. My sessions helped me to truly find a focal point/starting point to begin achieving goals I had set for myself! I struggled in this area. My confidence has grown and I am on the fast track to accomplishing a huge goal of going back to school!”
-Rosemary Wiggins

“I feel working one on one with Ken helped me a lot! Just to be able to talk out loud about some of my goals put things into perspective. He was very good at helping me itemizing what was really important to me.”
-Laura Juraska


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